the worst bureaucracy in Europe

As some of you know it, I am waiting to the decision of the French state to receive a scholarship for 3-4 years as a PhD funding. Given that this decision process really drives me crazy, I have to share it with someone, and as I would like to shout, I decided to share it with everyone.

Try to imagine yourself in the following situation. You are 25-28 years old, life is in front of you and you are ready to take many challenges to live it well. You apply for a scholarship, where you have very good chances to get it, although you can not be sure until the decision is made, because the criteria are unknown. At the same time this decision will have a huge impact on your early career, it decides on your future studies. If you get it, you will do a PhD at a quite good University in the next 3-4 years, and search for a “job” only after. If you don’t then you have some other short term plans and longer term possibilities, but for sure you will have to think a bit more on your future.

The PhD start the 1st of October, and it’s the 11th of September. Still no decision, and this will determine my next 3-4 years! Thank you crappy French state

Mondd el a véleményedet!

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